We are Halo Recon

Our goal at Halo Recon is to provide the most cutting edge statistics and analysis for the Halo competitive scene. We are bridging the gap between traditional sports analytics and the emerging esports scene. We wish to do to esports what Sabermetrics did to baseball and SportVU to basketball.


Stats don't lie

Have you ever wondered where people die the most on Plaza? Or which stronghold is the best one to capture on The Rig? Let's say you're playing on Coliseum: should your team push for rockets, or should you instead try to secure the sniper rifle? These are just a sampling of the types of questions that you can answer using advanced statistical analysis on hundreds or thousands of games, played by players of all skill levels, from the most decorated of pros to the noobiest of noobs.

Map Breakdown

Every map plays differently. Stay on top of your game by studying how the pros play on each map. Heatmaps, strategies, and factoids: we've got them all.

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Power Weapon Analysis

Which power weapon really is the best? A sniper can kill anyone at any distance, and it spawns with a lot of ammo, but how does it compete with the brutal firepower of the rocket launcher?

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Multiplayer Statistics

Find your well-known, well-documented multiplayer statistics here. All those post-game breakdowns you're used to seeing, with a little extra info thrown in for some flavor. Coming soon.

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