Empire Breakdown

Map Breakdown

Familiarize yourself with the bird's eye view of Empire before hopping into the heatmaps below.


Heatmaps v0.2

These heatmaps were generated using 1200+ games of pros and top amateur players on Empire. Click on the heatmaps for a detailed view.

Coming soon: game mode filters (e.g. Slayer vs. Strongholds), team filters, pros vs. ams vs. noobs, and much, much more. These are just a rough draft of what is to come.



Heatmap of killer locations.



Heatmap of victim locations.


Kill Death Spread

Heatmap of kills - deaths. This map is very good for discerning at a glance where you are more likely to die vs. where you're more likely to get kills.

KD Spread

Kill Death Ratio

Heatmap of kills/deaths. This map allows you to see the absolute lethality of a spot on the map. While the kill-death spread map shows you where there's a large disparity between kills and deaths, it tends to overexpose areas of heavy activity. This map treats all areas equally, no matter if there were 1000 kills there or only 10. This also means that the most amount of discerning is required when making judgements based off of this map.

KD Ratio